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A List of Lists

I never thought that it was that difficult to make a list. Apparently, that opinion is not shared by everyone. There is a bevy of list-making websites out there, each with its own spin on how to keep you organized. I have always opted for a pencil and paper, or a List in a Word document. But the nice thing about online to do lists is that you can share them with others. Some of the applications have great add-ons as well. Here is a list of the best places to make your lists:

Listography allows you to not only create a list, but create a personal collection of lists. There is even a list topic generator if you’re not sure what to list about. This is great for things like birthday gift lists, or conversation starters such as your top vacation spots.

Ta-da List says it is “the web’s easiest to-do list tool.” It is a simple application to use and allows for sharing.

Workflowy is geared for project managers,  allowing you to organize multiple steps and sequences.

Toodledo  is available for your laptop, notebook, ipad and for iphone. It is a little more involved than some of the tools out there and includes folders, tags, contexts and subtasks.

TaskFreak  is a great way to keep your to do list and track your time.

TimeTracker  is another time-tracking list tool.

Smartsheet is a pretty simple concept that allows you to share.

ToDoist is one of the simpler ones out there.

Voo2do allows you to keep multiple lists active at all times

GoodToDo works with your email to keep your tasks up to date.

DoPointOh promises to help you “stay useful.”

Nozbe combines time tracking and project management.

Hiveminder is a collaborative to do lists that allows you to brainstorm and share ideas and lists.

BlaBlaList is pretty straight forward, and shareable

Workhack is a whiteboard that allows you to freeform your lists.


Steps to a Clean Up Your Act

A messy room can distract you from your studies. Out of sight, out of mind is the best rule. If you’ve let the papers and pizza boxes pile up, or if you can write your name in the dust on top of your table, it’s time to clean up. Here is a list of things to do to get your space in tip top shape.

1.   Clear the clutter. If there’s a little, take time and put things away. If there’s a lot, sweep everything off surfaces and the floor and sort into three laundry baskets. One basket is for things that need to be put away. One is for things that need to go somewhere else. The third is for trash.

2.   If you have a lot of mail or papers, take some time to sort those into categories.

3.   Neaten things up. Make your bed, straighten sofa pillows, close drawers and doors. It’s amazing how these little things can make a room look tidier.

4.   Pick up clothes and other items that need to go back into a closet or into the laundry.

5.   Dust surfaces. Remember television and computer screens.

6.   Wipe down areas that need to be cleaned. You can use clear water and a microfiber towel on easy areas. Or try disinfecting spray on nasty spots.

7.   Check details for dirt, fingerprints and smudges – light switches, door moulding, refrigerator surfaces.

8.   Use your vacuum hose and go around where the wall meets the ceiling to get rid of cobwebs and dust.

9.   Use the hose where the walls meet the floor, especially in corners.

10.  Vacuum steps and entryways.

11.   Vacuum the rest of the floors.

12.   Mop surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, or wherever you don’t have carpet.

13.   Take out the trash.

14.   Starting with the basket of things that need to be put away, start putting things where they belong.

Gifts for future teachers

If you have a student who is planning on a teaching career, here is a helpful list of supplies they can use now while still in school, and onto their first job. Any of these make a great stocking stuffer, or they could be gathered into a pretty basket as a “teacher survival kit.” You can find most of these items at School Supply Giant online or any office supply store.  In alphabetical order…

1. Air freshener
2. Antacid tablets
3. Anti-diarrheal medication
4. Aprons
5. Assignment book
6. Bandages
7. Batteries
8. Bean bag chair/large pillows
9. Bell
10. Big notepad
11. Bookmarks for kids
12. Bookshelf for personal items
13. Boom box/CD player
14. Box of sponge activities
15. Bulletin board borders
16. Calculator
17. Calendar
18. Camera
19. Candy
20. Chalk
21. Chennelle sticks
22. Classical music CD’s
23. Classroom library – book and magazines
24. Clip boards
25. Clips – bulldog and paper in a variety of sizes
26. Color coded dots
27. Containers for desk supplies
28. Cough drops
29. Craft sticks
30. Crayons
31. Desk clock
32. Desk drawer organizers
33. Dictionary/thesaurus
34. Dry erase board
35. Envelopes
36. Erasers
37. File folders
38. First aid kit
39. Flag
40. Flash cards
41. Flashlight
42. Games for rainy days
43. Glue
44. Glue gun and sticks
45. Grade book
46. Hand sanitizer
47. Index cards — all sizes
48. Labeler
49. Labels
50. Lamp
51. Lesson plan book
52. Magnetic letters
53. Magnets
54. Magnifying glass
55. Manilla envelopes (laminated) for collections
56. Maps
57. Markers
58. Measuring stick — metric & standard
59. Mints
60. Mirror
61. Overhead projector sheets
62. Pain Reliever
63. Paper – graph, notebook, tissue
64. Paper cutter
65. Paperweight
66. Pencil shaprener — electric
67. Pencils
68. Pens
69. Plastic table cloth for messy projects
70. Play money
71. Pointer
72. Portable blackboard or whiteboard
73. Posters
74. Post-it notes
75. Rocking chair
76. Rubber bands
77. Rubber stamps
78. Scissors
79. Seasonal decorations
80. Sentence strips
81. Stapler, staples and staple remover
82. Sticky tack
83. Stop watch
84. Storage bins
85. Stress ball
86. String
87. Tape
88. Tape recorder
89. Thumb tacks/nails/push pins
90. Tools — screwdriver, hammer, pliers
91. Trinkets for prizes/gifts
92. Umbrella
93. Whistle
94. White-Out
95. Words for word wall
96. Yarn

Nice Things to Do Over the Holidays

If you’re low on cash or stumped for what to buy Aunt Sally this year, considering giving the gift of yourself. Many people, especially elderly or families with small children and single parents are thrilled when someone asks to help out. A lot of people won’t come out and ask for help. Here is a list of “gifts” you can give this holiday season.

1. Help with daily household chores – change sheets, empty the trash
2. Help with pets – Walk the dog, change the kitty litter
3. Buy a few extra things as the grocery store, maybe a favorite dessert or a prepared item
4. Take care of houseplants – this is especially nice if someone is going to be away on vacation
5. Get the mail – especially when the weather is nasty
6. Drop off/pick up dry cleaning
7. Plant flowers — You can buy a packet of seeds now with a promise to do some gardening later
8. Shovel snow
9. Make small household repairs – change light bulbs and furnace filters
10. Put your interior design skills to use and help decorate for the holidays
11. Take them out for a drive to see neighbor’s Christmas lights
12. Put together a scrapbook or photo album of family pictures
13. Make a CD or save music to a thumb drive
14. Offer to make drug store runs to pick up prescriptions
15. Pass on books and magazines when you have finished reading them
16. Take their newspaper to the front door, put it inside the screen if the weather is bad
17. Tell someone how great they look today
18. Ask someone what their all-time favorite movie is, then rent it for them as a surprise.
19. Bring their trash cans in from the curb
20. Order and pay for a pizza or other food delivery
21. Sneak in the middle of the night and fill their car’s gas
22. Offer to help them sort through old clothes and take them to a local shelter
23. On a snowy day, clear off their car before work

You can also make a donation in someone’s name to a host of worthy causes. Check out Do One Nice Thing for a list of ideas.

The Paralegal Gift List

The next few lists will be devoted to specific careers, and students who are studying in those areas. Students can sometimes be difficult to shop for. Gifts that support a career choice are thoughtful and useful.

If you know a student who is studying how to become a paralegal, here are some gifts tailored just for them.

1.  Post-it Printed Message Flags  – to mark documents that need to be signed, filed, etc. A package of 120 flags in 4 colors cost from $4.50-$8.00

2.  High Quality Business Paper – For resumes and cover letters. Look for at least 25 percent cotton and a watermarked. 500 Sheets will run you anywhere from  $18 to $32

3.  Thank You Notes – To send after those important job interviews. You can find these personalized and monogrammed for $5 to $20 for a box of 20

4.  Briefcase or Laptop Case – A must for all aspiring paralegals. Special cases are designed for quick airport security processing  and will hold a computer, files and supplies. A major investment that can last for years, this gift costs  between $50-$150

5.  Legal-ruled Pads – You can never have too many. A dozen 50-sheet pads cost $6-$10

6.  Paralegal Coffee Mug – from’s collection of paralegal supplies, this witty mug is $19.99

7.  Mouse Pad – Also from is this cute mouse pad for just $14.10

8.  Wheeled Litigation Bag – This can be a huge expense for a Paralegal, running from $200-$600

9.  Planner/Calendar – A good leather planner book can last a lifetime with yearly updated refills. Dayrunner has a large variety for every style and budget.

10. Business Card Holder – Find one that has a legal motif in metal or wood, at a variety of prices.

11. Paralegal Survival Kit – This ultimate gift basket from is designed specifically for the paralegal on your gift list. It includes a wristwatch, a Mini Buddha Board, CD and Comic Blocks.  From afar, the Classic Billable Hour® Watch looks like a standard professional’s watch, but it is uniquely designed for paralegals. It features a Seiko movement housed in a water resistant polished alloy gold tone casing and a padded black leather band. $109.99

12. Binder Clip Cufflinks – For a fun gift, print this article from the Funny or Die website and enclose it with a box of binder clips. $1.50 for 12

The Ultimate What Do I Gift Them List

Buying Christmas gifts, especially when you’re a student can be a challenge – of both time and money. What can you give that is inexpensive and easy to find? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to craft something elaborate, or give up and give gift cards – it you only have a few dollars to spend, here are 30 ideas for easy, inexpensive and thoughtful gifts.

1. Bottle of gourmet barbeque or steak sauce and basting brush

2. Bookmark, with or without book

3. Candle with a Bic lighter

4. Candy or nuts – in a glass jar or coffee mug, a pound of pistachios or stack of fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon

5. Cards for different occasions and a calendar – fill in the birthdays of relatives or friends.

6. Christmas ornament

7. Coffee or travel mug with a box of tea bags or one-pot bag of coffee

8. Deck of cards or travel-size board game

9. Donation in someone’s name.  Here is a list of great ones.

10. Emergency Snack Stash – granola bars, M&Ms, chips, crackers, etc

11. Flashlight with batteries

12. Gourmet bread or cookie mix

13. Journal, stationary, notepaper, or notebook and a really nice pen or pens

14. Key chain

15. Magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon

16. Movie night basket – a DVD or Netflix gift subscription, microwave popcorn, drink mix, movie theatre candy like Snow Caps or Twizlers

17. Newspaper – Buy through, and you’ll save 50% or more off of the subscription cost.

18. Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns

19. Purse-size photo  album or a picture frame – with or without a picture of the two of you

20. Poinsettia or other potted plant with a red ribbon tied around it

21. Rechargeable batteries and a recharger

22. Reusable shopping bags

23. Scarf

24. Seeds and garden gloves, vase or ceramic pot

25. Soaps and bath puff

26. Socks

27. Study Supplies – post it notes, notepaper, good pens

28. Supplies for anyone with, or planning on, a teaching career  – bulletin board borders, flash cards, games for rainy days, maps electric pencil sharpener and stapler, 3-hole punch

29. Touch gloves for anyone who has a Smartphone.

30. Stainless steel water bottle

The Munchie List

Even super students who have earned their share of scholarships and grants still have to work to stretch their grocery budgets. While ramen noodles, peanut butter and mac & cheese might be easy to grab when you’re hungry, they might not be the best choices. Here is a list of easy grab and go foods for college students:

1.  Yogurt – they’re easy to take along in your book bag and can provide 40 percent of your daily calcium needs.

2.  Instant Oatmeal – in either individual packets or in bulk is nutritious and easy to cook in a microwave oven.

3.  Potatoes – Microwave a potato by poking holes in it with a fork. Throw in some frozen broccoli salsa, bacon bits or cheese to top it off.

4.  Eggs – Many stores will sell packs of 6 eggs so they won’t go bad before you get around to eating them. Make easy scrambled eggs in the microwave. Roll in a flour tortilla with shredded cheese and spinach leaves.

5.  Ramen noodles – You can improve the flavor and nutrition by tossing the sodium overloaded seasoning packet. Replace it with a handful of frozen mixed vegetables, a can of salad shrimp or canned chicken breast.

6.  Condiments – instead of spending money and taking up room with full size bottles of ketchup and mustard, grab a couple extra fast food packets when you’re out.

7.  Water – The best beverage for your waistline, skin and budget is water. Invest in a Brita water filter pitcher to improve the flavor.

8.  Tea bags – these are cheap and can be used to make hot or cold drinks.

9.  Canned tuna, chicken, shrimp – You can make salads or eat straight from the can.

10.  Fruit – Always a healthy choice, apples are always plentiful and affordable year round. Dried fruits are a good alternative as well.

11.  Veggies – Carrots, last a long time in the fridge.

12.  Avocados – Make your own guacamole with mashed avocado mixed with little mayonnaise and salsa.

13.  Rice – Quick rice can be made in the microwave and mixed with veggies, beans and cheese.