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Valentine Ideas

February 14 can either make you a hero or a zero. If you’re stumped for a gift for your valentine, you can always maker a last minute drug store run for candy. Or you can be a little more creative and win your true love’s heart. Here are 42 ideas that will get their attention:

1. “Of-the-Month” gift – Microbrew of the month, wine, jerky, hot sauce, you name it

2. Write him or her a poem

3. Personalize a luxury hotel-style bathrobe with your love’s monogram

4. Jewelry – diamonds, gold, silver, it’s all good

5. Ride along with a stock car driver

6. An indoor picnic

7. Photo of the two of you in a beautiful frame

8. A mix CD

9. Breakfast in bed

10. Roses, carnations, any flower

11. Champagne flutes and a bottle of your favorite bubbly

12. A day at the spa, alone or as a couple

13. A night in front of the fireplace at a romantic lodge

14. Sexy undies or lingerie

15. Cook a special dinner and dine by candlelight

16. Valentine IOU coupons: I will make dinner; I will do the laundry; I will clean the kitchen for a week; I will serve you breakfast in bed, etc

17. Chocolate. Or better yet, a tour of a chocolate factory

18. I love you notes or chocolate foil-wrapped hearts hidden around the house

19. Homemade chocolate-covered strawberries

20. Repeat what you did on your very first date

21. Personalize a calendar with pictures of the two of you

22. Rent an old love story movie, make popcorn and snuggle in front of the television. “Casablanca,” “Gone With the Wind,” and “Love Story” are good choices

23. A key to your apartment, or a fancy fake key with a note that it is the key to your heart

24. A mug filled with old fashioned conversation hearts

25. A list of all the things you love about your mate

26. A set of expensive sheets – at least 400 thread count

27. A batch of heart-shaped cookies

28. Scented candles

29. Handmade valentine card

30. Chocolate body paint

31. A love note message in a bottle

32. Heart-shaped photo puzzle

33. Hot air balloon ride

34. Perfume

35. A rose petal-strewn bedroom

36. A spontaneous weekend getaway

37. Long massage with scented oil

38. Engraved key chain

39. Tickets to the movies or a sporting event

40. A balloon bouquet

41. Teddy bear holding a heart

42. Heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Whatever you do, make sure your sweetheart know you put some time and thought into it. Wrap your gift with a pretty bow. Hide it someplace as a surprise. Read a poem while you present it. Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be expensive. This is one of those times when it really is the thought that counts.


Steps to a Clean Up Your Act

A messy room can distract you from your studies. Out of sight, out of mind is the best rule. If you’ve let the papers and pizza boxes pile up, or if you can write your name in the dust on top of your table, it’s time to clean up. Here is a list of things to do to get your space in tip top shape.

1.   Clear the clutter. If there’s a little, take time and put things away. If there’s a lot, sweep everything off surfaces and the floor and sort into three laundry baskets. One basket is for things that need to be put away. One is for things that need to go somewhere else. The third is for trash.

2.   If you have a lot of mail or papers, take some time to sort those into categories.

3.   Neaten things up. Make your bed, straighten sofa pillows, close drawers and doors. It’s amazing how these little things can make a room look tidier.

4.   Pick up clothes and other items that need to go back into a closet or into the laundry.

5.   Dust surfaces. Remember television and computer screens.

6.   Wipe down areas that need to be cleaned. You can use clear water and a microfiber towel on easy areas. Or try disinfecting spray on nasty spots.

7.   Check details for dirt, fingerprints and smudges – light switches, door moulding, refrigerator surfaces.

8.   Use your vacuum hose and go around where the wall meets the ceiling to get rid of cobwebs and dust.

9.   Use the hose where the walls meet the floor, especially in corners.

10.  Vacuum steps and entryways.

11.   Vacuum the rest of the floors.

12.   Mop surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, or wherever you don’t have carpet.

13.   Take out the trash.

14.   Starting with the basket of things that need to be put away, start putting things where they belong.

Internet Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How many of them have you already broken? All your good intentions aren’t worth a thing if you resolve to do too much that is too difficult to achieve. Why do we make resolutions? The idea of starting fresh is so appealing. New Year, New You and all that. You can get a buzz from actually accomplishing resolutions. How? Make them attainable. Here is a list of suggested resolutions that are simple and will make a big impact.

1.  Park a few spaces further away from your class, the store, etc. Or walk instead of taking the bus. Every burned calorie adds up.

2.  Buy a timer and use it when you check Facebook or Twitter, play Angry Birds or any of the other timewasters the internet entices you with. Set a pre-determined amount of time and stop when the timer goes off.

3.  Throw out three pieces of clothing that don’t fit you, are out of style or you just don’t like. Now.

4.  Tell someone important to you that you love them.

5.  Lighten up by watching one funny YouTube video per day – but keep that timer nearby

6.  Start a journal, but only write one sentence a day.

7.  Call your parents.

8.  Throw out your old notes, notebooks and other outdated stuff in your school bag.

9.  Open snail mail as soon as you get it – next to the wastebasket.

10.  Clean out your email. Start with spam and work your way down. Vow to delete 10 emails at a time until it’s clean.

11.  Get a haircut.

12.  Clean out the space under your sink.

13.  Spend 10 minutes playing with your cat, dog or other pet, and don’t let yourself get distracted. Just play.

14.  Try all your pens and throw out the ones that don’t work.

15.  Clean out your car and put a pack of wastebasket bags or old grocery store bags under the seat to keep it neat.

16.  Buy a new toothbrush.

17.  Buy new mascara. The old stuff can harbor bacteria.

18.  Make a list of things you don’t want to do, be or have.

If you want more ideas, use this Resolution Generator  for more ideas. Just remember to set the timer first.

The Ultimate What Do I Gift Them List

Buying Christmas gifts, especially when you’re a student can be a challenge – of both time and money. What can you give that is inexpensive and easy to find? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to craft something elaborate, or give up and give gift cards – it you only have a few dollars to spend, here are 30 ideas for easy, inexpensive and thoughtful gifts.

1. Bottle of gourmet barbeque or steak sauce and basting brush

2. Bookmark, with or without book

3. Candle with a Bic lighter

4. Candy or nuts – in a glass jar or coffee mug, a pound of pistachios or stack of fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon

5. Cards for different occasions and a calendar – fill in the birthdays of relatives or friends.

6. Christmas ornament

7. Coffee or travel mug with a box of tea bags or one-pot bag of coffee

8. Deck of cards or travel-size board game

9. Donation in someone’s name.  Here is a list of great ones.

10. Emergency Snack Stash – granola bars, M&Ms, chips, crackers, etc

11. Flashlight with batteries

12. Gourmet bread or cookie mix

13. Journal, stationary, notepaper, or notebook and a really nice pen or pens

14. Key chain

15. Magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon

16. Movie night basket – a DVD or Netflix gift subscription, microwave popcorn, drink mix, movie theatre candy like Snow Caps or Twizlers

17. Newspaper – Buy through, and you’ll save 50% or more off of the subscription cost.

18. Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns

19. Purse-size photo  album or a picture frame – with or without a picture of the two of you

20. Poinsettia or other potted plant with a red ribbon tied around it

21. Rechargeable batteries and a recharger

22. Reusable shopping bags

23. Scarf

24. Seeds and garden gloves, vase or ceramic pot

25. Soaps and bath puff

26. Socks

27. Study Supplies – post it notes, notepaper, good pens

28. Supplies for anyone with, or planning on, a teaching career  – bulletin board borders, flash cards, games for rainy days, maps electric pencil sharpener and stapler, 3-hole punch

29. Touch gloves for anyone who has a Smartphone.

30. Stainless steel water bottle