The Sanity of My … List-O-Mania

Why is it called a “laundry list?” I’ve never seen a list that actually mentioned laundry. The phrase is used regularly in business and personal life. According to WikiAnswers,  “It may originate from as early as the Civil War, when soldiers would jot a list of their items to be laundered (and hopefully returned). In any event, it comes from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century when many sent their laundry out to be cleaned.”

When you send your laundry to a commercial laundry service, it’s wise to list what you’ve dropped off. And, the laundry has to mark each piece of clothing per customer so it can be sorted into piles to end up with like colors and in correct water temperature. It stands to reason that customers with long laundry lists had more clothes and were possibly more affluent. That’s how the term has evolved into its present day use meaning a long detailed list of items. Hence, the name of this blog, List-A-Lot.

I manage my life list by list. Grocery lists, lists of websites to visit, books to read, chores to do. I started list-making in high school, and continued it through college. In fact, I chose the college I attended by making a list of what I thought were the best colleges.  I find that when I write down a list, it frees my brain up so that I don’t worry about forgetting things. Lists that help me make choices, lists of things I need to do, checklists for all kinds of things.

And that’s what this blog will be. A list of lists, relevant to college students. Feel free to send me ideas and requests for lists and I will do my best to list ones that you use, or research lists you think would be helpful.

I’ll be back with my first list shortly. First I have to sharpen my pencil, get another Diet Coke, let the cat in, have some lunch…

— Sarah


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