A List of Lists

I never thought that it was that difficult to make a list. Apparently, that opinion is not shared by everyone. There is a bevy of list-making websites out there, each with its own spin on how to keep you organized. I have always opted for a pencil and paper, or a List in a Word document. But the nice thing about online to do lists is that you can share them with others. Some of the applications have great add-ons as well. Here is a list of the best places to make your lists:

Listography allows you to not only create a list, but create a personal collection of lists. There is even a list topic generator if you’re not sure what to list about. This is great for things like birthday gift lists, or conversation starters such as your top vacation spots.

Ta-da List says it is “the web’s easiest to-do list tool.” It is a simple application to use and allows for sharing.

Workflowy is geared for project managers,  allowing you to organize multiple steps and sequences.

Toodledo  is available for your laptop, notebook, ipad and for iphone. It is a little more involved than some of the tools out there and includes folders, tags, contexts and subtasks.

TaskFreak  is a great way to keep your to do list and track your time.

TimeTracker  is another time-tracking list tool.

Smartsheet is a pretty simple concept that allows you to share.

ToDoist is one of the simpler ones out there.

Voo2do allows you to keep multiple lists active at all times

GoodToDo works with your email to keep your tasks up to date.

DoPointOh promises to help you “stay useful.”

Nozbe combines time tracking and project management.

Hiveminder is a collaborative to do lists that allows you to brainstorm and share ideas and lists.

BlaBlaList is pretty straight forward, and shareable

Workhack is a whiteboard that allows you to freeform your lists.


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