Internet Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How many of them have you already broken? All your good intentions aren’t worth a thing if you resolve to do too much that is too difficult to achieve. Why do we make resolutions? The idea of starting fresh is so appealing. New Year, New You and all that. You can get a buzz from actually accomplishing resolutions. How? Make them attainable. Here is a list of suggested resolutions that are simple and will make a big impact.

1.  Park a few spaces further away from your class, the store, etc. Or walk instead of taking the bus. Every burned calorie adds up.

2.  Buy a timer and use it when you check Facebook or Twitter, play Angry Birds or any of the other timewasters the internet entices you with. Set a pre-determined amount of time and stop when the timer goes off.

3.  Throw out three pieces of clothing that don’t fit you, are out of style or you just don’t like. Now.

4.  Tell someone important to you that you love them.

5.  Lighten up by watching one funny YouTube video per day – but keep that timer nearby

6.  Start a journal, but only write one sentence a day.

7.  Call your parents.

8.  Throw out your old notes, notebooks and other outdated stuff in your school bag.

9.  Open snail mail as soon as you get it – next to the wastebasket.

10.  Clean out your email. Start with spam and work your way down. Vow to delete 10 emails at a time until it’s clean.

11.  Get a haircut.

12.  Clean out the space under your sink.

13.  Spend 10 minutes playing with your cat, dog or other pet, and don’t let yourself get distracted. Just play.

14.  Try all your pens and throw out the ones that don’t work.

15.  Clean out your car and put a pack of wastebasket bags or old grocery store bags under the seat to keep it neat.

16.  Buy a new toothbrush.

17.  Buy new mascara. The old stuff can harbor bacteria.

18.  Make a list of things you don’t want to do, be or have.

If you want more ideas, use this Resolution Generator  for more ideas. Just remember to set the timer first.


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