Nice Things to Do Over the Holidays

If you’re low on cash or stumped for what to buy Aunt Sally this year, considering giving the gift of yourself. Many people, especially elderly or families with small children and single parents are thrilled when someone asks to help out. A lot of people won’t come out and ask for help. Here is a list of “gifts” you can give this holiday season.

1. Help with daily household chores – change sheets, empty the trash
2. Help with pets – Walk the dog, change the kitty litter
3. Buy a few extra things as the grocery store, maybe a favorite dessert or a prepared item
4. Take care of houseplants – this is especially nice if someone is going to be away on vacation
5. Get the mail – especially when the weather is nasty
6. Drop off/pick up dry cleaning
7. Plant flowers — You can buy a packet of seeds now with a promise to do some gardening later
8. Shovel snow
9. Make small household repairs – change light bulbs and furnace filters
10. Put your interior design skills to use and help decorate for the holidays
11. Take them out for a drive to see neighbor’s Christmas lights
12. Put together a scrapbook or photo album of family pictures
13. Make a CD or save music to a thumb drive
14. Offer to make drug store runs to pick up prescriptions
15. Pass on books and magazines when you have finished reading them
16. Take their newspaper to the front door, put it inside the screen if the weather is bad
17. Tell someone how great they look today
18. Ask someone what their all-time favorite movie is, then rent it for them as a surprise.
19. Bring their trash cans in from the curb
20. Order and pay for a pizza or other food delivery
21. Sneak in the middle of the night and fill their car’s gas
22. Offer to help them sort through old clothes and take them to a local shelter
23. On a snowy day, clear off their car before work

You can also make a donation in someone’s name to a host of worthy causes. Check out Do One Nice Thing for a list of ideas.


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